Appreciation and stability make real estate a great investment.

Did you know that if you had purchased a house in 2002, it would be worth more than twice what you paid for it today? Despite the financial crisis and pandemic we’ve experienced since then, home prices have continued to increase. They’ve climbed 106% in just two decades.

You may be thinking that real estate is very expensive right now, but it’s one of the most stable and reliable investments available. All of the uncertainty in the world right now means that we should be investing in property. Here are three reasons why:

1. Property has long-term safety. When you consider the long-term performance of real estate versus riskier investments like stocks and bonds, there’s no comparison. Historically, real estate sees a 9% return on investment while the S&P is closer to 5% to 8%.

“Real estate is one of the most stable and reliable investments available.”

2. Property represents a physical asset. Whether you’re living in the home or renting it out, nothing beats having a literal roof over your head.

3. Property pays. Investing in property is like running a marathon. It takes time to see the returns, but it’s well worth the wait. Your initial high investment is going to pay off very healthy dividends later.

If you’re looking to make a dependable, long-term investment, purchasing real estate is your best bet. Contact us for up-to-date information on the market to get ahead and plan out your future. Whether you want to invest in the US or abroad, we are here to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you.